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Naya Cafe Ayutthaya / Infield Pavilion

This architecture takes place on an important paddy field which inherited from the owner's grandmother. Located in the community near Wat Sakae , Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province . Most of the areas are residential and agricultural areas that grow mostly rice. The desire to develop this land is the first step in starting a business that can meet the needs of today. The designer came to discuss possible directions and analyze the area to select the location and access method of the building to be able to meet future business needs and want the upcoming architecture to create an impact on this community.


The designer selected the building to coexist with the rice fields, which is an important context of the project. Find a way for the building to bring the building occupants closer to the rice fields. This paddy field still rotates to grow rice throughout the year. Therefore, the building will co-exist with the environment that changes according to the seasons, such as preparing the land for farming. The growth of rice plants from green sprouts to golden ripe rice ready for harvest,as well as the flooding season in which each period occurs, the background of the building becomes a big scene that gradually changes interestingly.


The need to create an enclosed space reminds us of the shape of grains of rice and Khao Mao to apply curved lines that are not round and not completely oval, making the building look attractive and able to put complete functions together with circulation that interesting .The oval-shaped corridor leads building users from the starting point to find various functions and can return to the starting point again by designing the corridor to surround the green area and the main function within the building, which is designed to be in the center of the area and Finally, red brick wall, a material produced and sold locally in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, was used to form a frame around the building. By designing the brick wall to adjust the slope down to open the view on the main road in front of the building and rice fields and choose to turn off the view of the area you want to create privacy from the village and nearby roads


Architects expect architecture to convey new perspectives of making a building that is like a community center area through Naya Coffee Shop, which serves delicious savory and sweet dishes. Responding to business needs The architecture also wants to act as a link between the building users and the context of the community that was originally a rice plantation. Bring to see or be part of the rice production process, which is an important agricultural occupation of the community and Thailand.


Project name        : Infield / Naya Cafe Ayutthaya
Building Type       : Cafe

Project location    : Ayutthaya, Thailand

Completion Year  : 2021 - 2023

Architects              : BodinChapa  Architects

Contractor            : BodinChapa Architects & Craftsman

Photo by               : Rungkit Charoenwat

Area                       : 295 Sq.m.


Ig : bodinchapa_architects


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